DIY & Ideas

Information and Inspiration.

Mitre Plans are a great source of information and inspiration.

Below we have a selection of popular DIY Mitre Plans for you to download. If you would like to see the full range available click on the image below and we will take you directly to the Mitre10 Mitre Plan selection.

Build your own vegetable garden

A properly raised vegetable garden box will provide fresh, home-grown vegetables.

Floor Polishing & Preparation

An easy-to-follow guide to achieving a perfect result. uncover hidden character in your home.

Build a deck

A well-designed deck is a relatively easy way to increase family living space around your home

Build a wine rack

It’s great to have a collection of wines at home for special occasions or when friends drop in.

Build a cubby house

Children need a place where they rule the roost. building a home of their own is kid stuff.

Build storage

Most people never seem to have enough storage space. So add an attractive piece of furniture to your home. 

Care for your lawns

Make yours the best lawn in the street – with a little help from Mitre10.

Control common garden pests

All dedicated gardeners no doubt long for a garden free of pests

Build your own dog kennel

Everybody deserves a good solid roof over their head to keep out the elements.

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