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Meet Ali Nicholls.

Ali joins us as our new Garden Centre Co-Ordinator.

Ali Northern Argus

Ali is a Burra resident who has a passion for ‘all things’ gardening.  A former chef she enjoys the outdoors and pottering in the garden.

For the past 20 years Ali has been a chef and has done a complete flip to the outside world of gardening. Her love and knowledge of cooking also helps her when suggesting plants for your edible garden.

“Who wouldn’t want to be outside? I love seeing the transformation of something small to something lush and green. I have always loved gardening,” Ali said.

Ali will advise customers on what works in dry and frost prone areas, like Clare and Burra, and if she hasn’t got what you are looking for she will do her best to get it in for you.

Ali works Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays. She is there to help you with all your questions.


Garden Tips


Well it is time for the Clare Show and that means it is time to plant your tomatoes.

Nothing tastes better than a fresh tomato from your own garden.

This year there are plenty of varieties that you have grown to know and love but look out for new varieties.

If you cant find the variety you love then speak to Ali and she will do her best to get it in for you.




Success with Growing Tomatoes – from our tomato supplier United Nurseries

A few simple guidelines for easy tomato growing:

      • Select a sunny site for your tomato.
      • If you are planting in a garden, ensure your soil is well drained and friable. If planting into a pot, use a premium potting mix.
      • Add organic fertilizer to the soil and cultivate it through.
      • Unless growing a dwarf variety, tomatoes will require a strong stake, approximately 2 metres in length, for support. Position the stake when you plant in the tomato.
      • Water well after planting, and then keep the soil moist, but not soaking. Water your tomato plant at the base, to avoid fungal problems.
      • A further application of fertilizer can be applied during the growing season.
      • Harvest tomatoes regularly to encourage the plant to produce more fruit.
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